Rohk || Bolt Action Tough Pen

Unlike other pens, the Rohk Pen is a result of deep bioengineering expertise.
After months of meticulous design and testing, the Rohk Pen is now available on Kickstarter!
It has been forged to serve every potential need of an EDC pen :
- Ergonomic superiority for daily use
- Compact, lightweight, shockproof
- Bolt action mechanism to prevent inked pockets or lost caps
- Integrated pocket clip
- Zero assembly point weaknesses (No screws/rivets/O-rings/washers/caps/ratchets)
- Single moving part for lifetime reliability
- Single piece, anti-roll body
- Airport-friendly with zero metal content
(And affordable!)
With a unique forked pocket clip and a host of other features, there are simply no other pens as well-thought-out or as aesthetically striking as the Rohk.
Get yours here!
To see all its phenomenal features, head over to our Kickstarter page.
rohkea - Finnish