3 Inspiring Movie Themes For Design Work December 14, 2014 23:00

We like to play theme music when we design stuff. Also when we're writing. Or working on back-end stuff. Or when we're looking out the window and sipping coffee and dreaming mad dreams.

Actually theme music's playing whenever we're awake. It's an addiction but a productive one.

Here are our top 3 "Get Shit Done" soundtracks.

1. Kick-Ass | "Flying Home"

You don't have to be a fan of the movie to enjoy this. It is under-rated and epic (the track, not the film). Notice your blood heating up at 2:37.



2. The Dark Knight Rises | [Adapted] End Credits

Not actually from the movie but close enough. When feeling is given a sound, this track is what you get. Enough has been said about the cinematic masterpiece that is The Dark Knight trilogy - immerse yourself once more into the music that awakens your inner hero.

When the orchestral chant begins at 4:34, the next thirty seconds will make you cry.

Hollywood often uses choirs singing powerfully in Latin to add a certain gravity. Its effect has been diluted by recent overuse but The Dark Knight rises above them.



3. The Exorcist | "Tubular Bells"

Did Richard Branson put Mike Oldfield on the map, or was it the other way round ?

Either way, 1973's 'Tubular Bells' was always destined for immortality.

Don't forget to revisit Oldfield's Moonlight Shadow, their biggest hit from ten years later, and featuring the folksy voice of Scottish vocalist Maggie Reilly.



Bonus Track : The Piano Guys | "Bourne Vivaldi"

If you've not heard of The Piano Guys, we just improved your miserable life. You're welcome.

Jason Bourne makes us want to work smarter and faster and be generally awesome. But a trilogy takes time to watch, and we've happily given it the time more than a few times. To avoid growing roots in front of the telly, this track is backup inspiration.

If you don't feel what he's feeling at 3:03, you're not really listening.