Why Is International Shipping So Expensive ? March 22, 2015 00:23


Because the costs incurred include private carriers, commercial airlines, terminal dues, somebody's coffee, late delivery penalties, mail sorting equipment, somebody's spilled coffee, vehicles, the postal labour to do it all, and the non-renewable energy to fuel it all. Also, there's a fair amount of coffee involved.

We've shopped online too, and we've balked when shipping fees double a product's cost.

It feels wrong but it shouldn't. The infrastructure in place to accept a package, check the validity of its address, sort it, transport it, and deliver it to the right recipient is a complex, frighteningly efficient network that's worthy of admiration.

So ?

Since admiration doesn't pay for fuel or equipment or salaries or coffee, we need to have shipping fees. And yes, shipping costs may seem incongruent with a product's value - however, these fees are not based on what a product is worth, but rather on its size, material, weight and the distance to its destination.

Here's a fascinating video showing how Australia Post gets you your product on time. Sorry about the kids.



We Charge You Less For The Keyn Than We Should And You're Welcome

This table shows what it costs (in AUD) to send a small parcel via AusPost :

AusPost International Shipping Costs

You're probably wondering which zone your country falls in (USA is Zone 4, Europe is Zones 6-8, New Zealand is Zone 1).

But it doesn't matter, since we charge you only $9.00 for Zones 1-5, and only $15.00 for Zones 6-8. And shipping's free in Australia!

This is because we ooze generosity and poor business sense. You're welcome.