Keyn 2 ! May 24, 2015 10:40 3 Comments

You ask for a lot. And we like giving it to you.

You said a pocket key holder should :

1) Be silent

2) Hold my car key

3) Prevent pocket bulge

4) Allow one-handed use

5) Be elegant

6) Be lightweight

7) Hold my apartment key, mailbox key, gate key, screen door key

8) Take a lanyard/paracord/cable ring/keyring and add to my EDC kit

9) Make it easy to take keys on or off

10) Work with international keys (We're reducing the screwpost width from 5mm to 4mm so the Keyn 2 will fit nearly everything, including the keys to your heart)

11) Look badass

The Keyn 2 is your answer.

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