Rohk Pen Features

An EDC Tough Pen is designed to serve. Anywhere, all the time.

With a striking aesthetic, shockproof materials, and a fail-proof bolt action mechanism, the Rohk Pen stands above all others.


Rohk Bolt Action Tough Pen

There's a lot more to a tactical pen than simply being made of a tube of metal.

Rohk Pen : Bioengineered Design

For example, emergency preppers will recognize these very particular needs -

- Can you grab the pen easily from your pocket ?
- What if adrenaline gives you sweaty palms to hold a smooth metal pen ?
- What happens to your fingers under impact if both ends are pointed ?
- How much damage will a metal pen do ?
- What if it's too big and heavy to use ?

Black Rohk Pen : Impact-friendly

And in a non-emergency, is your EDC tacpen -

- Easy to grip with gloves ?
- Ergonomically comfortable ?
- Reliable for a lifetime, with no risk of inked pockets ?
- Airport-friendly ?

Unlike hobbyist pen makers, Ketalon Gear uses bioengineering expertise to answer these questions and design something truly special.

When in doubt, raise the bar. Come join the tribe.

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