Rohk Bolt Action Tough Pen


Now available in red.


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A compact, pocket-friendly "Tough Pen" with a rifle-inspired bolt action mechanism.


-  Ergonomic design.

-  Pocket-friendly, compact, lightweight.

-  Shockproof reinforced polymer.

-  No caps to lose, no assembly hardware, no click-end, no inked pockets,

    no screws/rivets/washers/O-rings.

-  Fail-proof bolt action mechanism.

-  Integrated pocket clip and single moving part with lifetime reliability.

-  Usable outdoors with gloved hands.

-  Airport-friendly with zero metal content.

-  Guaranteed for life.

-  Comes with black G2/Parker-style refill, medium point (1mm nib).

-  Compatible with most refills, including Fisher Space/Rite in the Rain refills

    with Parker-adaptor.


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