You may never need an over-engineered pen that can break glass, but if you ever got to use it you'd be a legend.

That said, our customers only get compliments. Followed by "Where do you get one?" Because our pens look like something out of Blade Runner. The silver hunk of metal you see here is our latest pocket super-pal. Now available.




Drop it, step on it, drive a car over it.. you can still pick it up, smash emergency glass, then go home and write in your journal about your eventful day.

The Frag Pen shakes it off. Its walls are 2.3mm thick aircraft-grade aluminium and its nib wall is 1mm thick. All other pen parts are made of solid steel. In short, it's a tough little beast that will serve you for a lifetime.


The rifle-inspired bolt action mechanism keeps your pockets safe from refill ink. Not that there’s an epidemic of accidental refill exposures. But cheap clicky pens and plastic capped pens are unreliable and ugly.

The Frag Pen on the other hand is fail-proof. And you won’t need two hands to unscrew any caps. You can flick it on and off with one finger, and it won’t come undone in your pocket when you’re working or out adventuring.


We’re on a mission to replace ordinary EDC items with badass tough gear. This means it cannot simply look cool, it has to be user-friendly.

That’s where bioengineering comes in. The Frag Pen feels good in your hand because it’s ergonomic. At 11mm thick, it feels like a normal pen. It’s only 10.2cm (4”) long — compact but not too short. Your fingers can grip the frag pattern at an optimal distance from the page. And regardless of whether you're left-handed or right-handed, the bolt handle gets out of the way when writing.


The Frag Pen is compatible with the Lamy M22 — a high quality refill made in Germany and well known amongst pen cognoscenti. The thick-walled pen body is precision-machined from a billet of aircraft-grade T6061 aluminium which is anodised for enhanced wear resistance. Keeping this firmly secured to your pocket is a solid steel pocket clip you've never seen before. Made of polished 304 stainless steel, its thickness maxes out at a chunky 4mm. The internal bolt action, which is the only moving part, is also made of the same steel. Whilst all grades of stainless steel resist corrosion, grade 304 is particularly rust-proof because of its high nickel content.

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And we're getting close.

We test our products by driving a car over them so they're guaranteed for life. Any issues, we'll replace/refund/investigate for free. Each product is meticulously designed to serve you and to stand out. So is our customer service — and our customers agree.