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Verge 2.0 Metal Bolt Action Pen

Verge 2.0 Metal Bolt Action Pen

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Looking for a pocket pal that can handle Zombieland? Say hello to the Verge 2.0.

Made of aircraft-grade aluminium and weighing only 30 grams (~1 oz), it deserves to be paired with a fireproof chainmail-bound pocket journal. Because it will go with you everywhere and can handle anything.

There's a reason our pens are popular with police officers and military personnel. A pen like this is unobtrusive in your pocket but will quietly serve you for a lifetime.

At 10.7cm (4.2") long, the Verge 2.0 is among the shortest pens out there, but not so short that it's hard to write with. Its ergonomic body feels balanced in your hand and the unique stainless steel pocket clip always invites a second glance.

You can flick the bolt action mechanism on or off with one finger, which creates a satisfying and addictive latching sound.

Despite its compact form, the Verge 2.0 fits a full-size black Parker-style refill (~98mm long). It is also compatible with Fisher Space / RiteInTheRain refills (with Parker adaptor).

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