Verge 2.0 Metal Bolt Action Pen


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Looking for a tiny pocket pal that can handle Zombieland?

Say hello to the Verge 2.0. Made of aircraft-grade aluminium and weighing only 30 grams (~1 oz), it's best paired with a fireproof chainmail-bound pocket journal. Because it will go with you everywhere and handle anything you throw at it.

There's a reason our pens are popular with police officers and military personnel. A pen like this is unobtrusive in your pocket but will quietly serve you for a lifetime. Use it to break emergency glass, poke holes in a soda can, and write about it in your journal.

The Verge 2 is among the shortest pens out there, but not so short that it's hard to write with. With a sleek black ergonomic body, it feels perfect in the hand and the unique steel pocket clip always invites a second glance.

Flick the bolt action on-off with a single finger and see how satisfying it feels compared to disposable plastic pens that invariably end up in a landfill.

The Verge 2 comes with black Parker-style/G2 refill (~98mm long) and is also compatible with Fisher Space / RiteintheRain refills (with Parker adaptor).


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