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Frag Pen

Frag Pen

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You may never need one to break glass in an emergency but if you ever got to use it you'd be a legend. That said, our customers only get compliments. Followed by, "Where do you get one?"

The Frag Pen is a style statement for your office or out in the field. An evolution of our cyberpunk-inspired concepts. It's a tough, compact pen derived from user feedback, research, prototyping and testing. Its lightweight design features a fail-proof bolt action mechanism, ergonomic body, and shockproof construction.

The pen body is made of T6061 aircraft-grade aluminium which is anodised for enhanced wear- and corrosion-resistance. The internal bolt action and pocket clip are made of 304 stainless steel. While all grades of stainless steel resist corrosion, grade 304 is particularly rust-proof because of its high nickel content.

What does this mean for you? Just that the Frag Pen will outlast all other pens and look great doing so.

Specs :

Refill : Lamy M22 (available worldwide and on Amazon)

Length : 102mm / 4.0"

Weight : 30 grams / 1 oz.

Mechanism : Bolt action

Materials : Anodised aluminium and stainless steel



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