Free within Australia, tracking usually included.

International shipping is USD 8–12, depending on the exchange rate for AUD 20. Tracking included.


Returns / Refunds / Exchanges?

We make it hassle-free. Just email us at hello (at) ketalon (dot) com and we'll sort it out.


Are Ketalon pens really guaranteed for life?

Yes. Before mass production, we test prototypes by driving a car over them. Our pens are used — and we dare say, loved — by military personnel, police officers, first responders, outdoor photographers and EDC enthusiasts. So if you have any issues at all, just reach out and we'll refund/replace/investigate for free. 


How strong is the Rohk Pen?

As strong as steel at quarter the weight.


Which refills fit the Rohk Pen, Verge 2.0 Pen, Frag Pen?

Rohk Pen & Verge 2.0 Pen : Standard Parker-style refill used by 90% pens. It's ~98mm long and ~6mm thick.

Frag Pen : Fits the German Lamy M22 mini-refill which is available worldwide on Amazon and other retailers. It's 60mm long with a 6mm dia.


What other products have you made?

A pocket key organizer. Single-speed steel bicycle. Couple metal bolt action pens. Except for the key organizer (sold out), these products did not reach production. They may return in future with new designs.