Ketalon Gear is a customer excitement company. We like to delight you. How, you ask? By replacing ordinary, boring everyday–carry (EDC) tools with striking multi-duty gear — Gear that you're proud to own because it looks dynamite, serves you well and lasts forever.

We don't see our products as just tools — they are identity.

We've been featured on gear mags, approached by TV channels, partnered with American, Australian and Japanese retailers, but what we're most pleased about is customers showing us love from all over the world. This is because we dive into the little details to find what you care about most, and we don't mind failing publicly in the pursuit of clinical precision and military toughness. As a result, we've manufactured and shipped thousands of products to happy users in 76 countries and counting.

Currently we make tough bolt action pens but there’s more cool stuff coming. We test products on Kickstarter and if you like them, we bring them to life. Reach out anytime if you have any questions — we always leave a light on for you.

Ketalon Gear is based in Melbourne, Australia.