You are more than what you present to the world. And the gear you carry gives hints.

Ketalon Gear’s goal is to make people around you notice that you're different. That you have an eye for cool. That your choices are unique, specific, purpose-driven. That even in simple things, you're prepared to go farther than most.

Here at Ketalon, we don't see EDC products simply as tools. We see them as identity.

We want to make epic designs that you’re proud to own and use, that you can take everywhere with you. We don’t mind failing publicly in the pursuit of clinical precision and military-grade toughness (and we have!). All while making gear affordable, and worth affording.

Currently we make only bolt action pens but there’s more cool stuff coming. We test products on Kickstarter and if you like them, we bring them to life. You're also guaranteed to have a positive experience with our brand so reach out anytime if you have any questions or issues.

- V
Creator | Ketalon Gear
hello [at] ketalon [dot] com

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