Rohk Bolt Action Pen


(AUD 30 = ~ USD 20;  AUD 50 = ~USD 32)


Selling out soon! After the last couple blue and red Rohks are sold out, a tiny selection of mixed colours (eg., blue/gray/red pen with black bolt and green/red end cap) will be listed for sale.


To order multiple pens, simply update Quantity at checkout.


The Rohk is the first ever tactical-style "tough pen" made of reinforced polymer rather than metal.


Steel, aluminium or titanium pens are sometimes heavy or slippery in the hand, so if you're looking for something that sits lightly in your pocket (or EDC pouch) and which goes with you everywhere, the Rohk is your ideal pocket pal.


It's shockproof so you can drop it from any height or drive a car over it (which users have!) and it'll still keep writing. This is why it's popular with police officers, military personnel and outdoorsy types.


The Rohk Pen also has a rifle-inspired bolt action mechanism which means no accidental inked pockets. Plus it's just cooler than plastic disposable pens and easy to flick on-off with a single finger.


It comes with a generic Parker-style/G2 refill (98mm long) and is compatible with most Parker size refills including Fisher Space/Rite in the Rain refills [with Parker-adaptor].

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